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Auspicious and Lucky Marriage dates for your Wedding in 2019

auspicious marriage date

Marriage is a very important event in a person’s life. Marriage should be lifelong alliance and therefore taking the auspicious time for marriage also known as marriage Mahurat is very popular in India.  A good marriage mahurat takes advantage of the planetary energies and helps in getting work done successfully. Auspicious marriage dates  which some refer  as “Shubh Vivah Muharat”, looks ...

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केतु ग्रह की शान्ति के उपाय – लाल किताब के उपाय

Ketu upay in Hindi

आज हम आपको इस आटिकॅल में केतु ग्रह की शान्ति के उपाय (Ketu Grah Ki Shanti Ke Upay) बता रहे है. राहु और केतु छाया ग्रह है. अगर आपकी कुंडली मैं केतु अशुभ है तो आप को केतु के उपाय करने चाइये. केतु ग्रह की शान्ति के उपाय लाल किताब के अनुसार (Ketu Grah Ki Shanti Ke Upay) अशुभ केतु के ...

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How to Choose a Reliable Astrologer for Astrology Reading

best astrologer in india

In every field, there are genuine practitioners and of course, there are the quacks and the scammers. When it comes to Astrology, it would seem there are more scammers than genuine Astrologers these days. Every Tom, Dick and Harry claims to be a Astrologer and offers astrology readings. A simple search for Astrologer online will come up with thousands of ...

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Asteroids in Western Astrology Chart

Asteroids in Astrology

Important Points and Asteroids in Astrology Astrology is a very important part of the world for psychics. This is because it is so much more than just the newspaper column giving general information for the masses. Depending on the alignment of the planets and the asteroids in conjunction with how the planets were aligned when you were born will have ...

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Is Psychic Reading Real or Is It Just a Mind Game?!


It’s absolutely natural to have doubts about psychic readings. Similar to any other field, the world of psychics isn’t free from frauds. Today, you can find many self-proclaimed tarot readers who brag about their psychic capabilities but are not even capable of clearing your basic doubts. However, just because some fraudulent psychics are cheaters doesn’t mean everyone is the same. ...

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