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Rahu and Ketu the Spiritual Purifier


Much maligned Rahu and Ketu are north and south nodes of the Moon thatdictate solar and lunar eclipses, because of which are also known as shadowy planets. Rahu and Ketu astronomically represent the points at which the Moons orbit crosses the ecliptic, the celestial equator.Although they are not physical in form yet are very important when we talk about planetary ... Read More »

Mangalwar vrat – Tuesday Fast for those suffering from Mars

hanuman ji vrat

Lord Hanuman is honored for his strength, vitality and for his loyalty and devotion for Lord Rama. Hanuman is known by different names including Anjaneya, Bajarangabali, Anjani Putra and Maruti.  He is the son of Vayu and Anjani. Hanuman was a leading force in the war against Ravana; he played a central role in this war and helped bring Sita ... Read More »

Somvar Vrat for fulfillment of wishes and Happy Marriage life

Somvar Vrat

The first day of the week, Monday or Somvar, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shiva is the absolute reality.  He is known by many others names, including Rudra, Shambhu, Kapali and Maheshvara. Monday is the day when Shiva is worshipped, along with goddess Parvati. A fast is often observed by the devotees of Lord Shiva for the fulfillment of wishes. ... Read More »

Is there a God out there! does God really exist

God in Heaven

This is one of the questions for which we have no concrete answer. Some say ‘Yes’, some say “No” and some say “I don’t know”. But in fact we are all puzzled by the uncertainties in our life and why talk of life only, the uncertainties in nature is also sometimes frightening. Some attribute it to the actions by the ... Read More »

Do’s and Don’ts during the Auspicious Occasion of Navratri

Navratri Festival-Do and Dont

Navratri is the most popular and auspicious festival celebrated throughout India concerning Devi Maa. Like other festival in India, Navratri is also celebrated differently in different parts of India. To please or to worship Goddess Durga, Navratri is celebrated with devotion and dedication. During this nine night festival of Navratri, nine different forms of Maa Durga are worshipped. Fasting during this ... Read More »

New Moon in the New Year Brings Hope


NEW MOON IN THE NEW YEAR BRINGS HOPE NEW MOON OF 2014 The New Year 2014 began with the New Moon, a phenomenon which is not common. New Moon brings new hope; it is the most appropriate time to plan for the future.  It is the time for self introspection; leave the things which have bothered you in the past ... Read More »

Super Moon Purnima -Full Moon 23 June 2013


Vedic astrology is Moon based because it signifies the mind. We are ruled by our mind in our day to day life. Our Mind is our “Man” in Hindi. We hear all the time people say including ourselves “Aaj Pizza Kane ka man hai”, “Aaj movie dekne ka Man hai”. The importance of Moon cannot be underestimated as is the ... Read More »

Ganesh Chaturthi – Festival of New Beginnings and Prosperity

Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in the month of September or October with great enthusiasm. The festival is believed to bring – happiness, good luck, and prosperity among all and is celebrated with full jubilation. Lord Ganesha is worshipped first among all deities in any of the Hindu rituals and is invoked at the beginning of a venture or journey. He ... Read More »

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