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Mantra for removing obstacles in Job Business and marriage

In our pursuit to achieve our goals many times we are facing unknown obstacles and hindrances that generally lead to enormous frustration and disappointment. It builds the state of negativity and hopelessness. Lord Ganesh is always acclaimed as the eliminator of obstacles in ones life. He is believed to make things easy for his devotees with His powers. It may ...

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Maha Shivaratri – Read How to celebrate

This year ‘Maha Shivratra’ falls on 24th February 2017 according to the Hindu calendar. This festival which is in veneration of Lord Shiva, marks the celebration of the day when Lord Shiva married Mata Parvati. How to Celebrate First and foremost, be an early riser on Maha Shivratri. After having a bath, wear new clothes. The day calls for fasting in some ...

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Makar Sankranti Importance Astrologically

The Hindu calendar is based on lunar positions but Sankranti is a solar event.  Sankranti is the day when Sun enters a New Rashi / Sign in the Zodiac. Therefore Sankranti keeps coming every month. In total there are 12 Sankranti  in a year.  Among all Sankranti, Makar Sankranti is the most significant and it is observed throughout India in ...

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Friday Fast – Shukravar Vrat or Upvaas

jai jai santoshi mata

Shakti represents the goddess energy in its purest and most powerful form. Friday is dedicated to worshipping the mother goddess, Shakti. The two most prominent fasts observed on Friday are dedicated to Santoshi Mata and Vaibhav Lakshmi. White is the color and diamond is the gem associated with Friday. Santoshi Mata fast Santoshi Mata is an incarnation of the divine ...

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Navratri Ashtmi Puja ( Pujan vidhi of ashtmi )

Navratri Ashtmi Puja

The eighth day of Navratri is celebrated as Durga Ashtami.  Durga Ashtami is on 17 October 2018. Durga Ashtami is the most auspicious day to perform Kanya Puja or Kumari Puja. Devotes take bath early in the morning and wear neat and clean clothes. Halwa, allo puri and black chana are prepared to serve the goddess. You can also use ...

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Navratri the 9 divine nights of the Goddess

Navratri puja is one of the most divine festivals in India. We celebrate these days for 9 avatars of the Devi. We celebrate it by worshiping the 9 avatars with 9 types of puja.  The very first day Shailaputri Pujan is organized to please Shailaputri mata. The materials used for the puja are: coconut, roli, moli, rice, haldi, and several ...

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