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Bhraspativar (Guruvar) Vrat Thursday Fast

Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the universe. Thursday is dedicated to him. He is the second god from the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Lord Vishnu is known by many other names, including Adisesh, Hariom, Harinarayan, Ekanad and Chakradhar. There are 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, the first one was Matsya (the fish) and the 10th one Kalki (the mighty warrior) ...

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Jupiter and Venus Conjunction will raise the conflict within us

In Transit these days Venus and Jupiter are conjoined in the sign Cancer.  As both these planets give us something they are known as to be benefic by nature. This Jupiter and Venus is a very interesting conjunction as in Vedic astrology both are known to be teachers, Jupiter or Bhiraspati is the Guru , spiritual teacher or you can ...

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Fasting On Wednesdays – Budhwar Vrat

Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Krishna and to the planet Mercury or Budh. Krishna is known by many different names including Hari, Gopal, Keshava, and Jagannath. Krishna, when prayed to with pure devotion and profound faith is known to fulfill the wishes and desires of his devotees. In some places Lord Vishnu is worshipped. The Krishna mantra, when chanted for ...

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Rahu and Ketu the Spiritual Purifier

Much maligned Rahu and Ketu are north and south nodes of the Moon thatdictate solar and lunar eclipses, because of which are also known as shadowy planets. Rahu and Ketu astronomically represent the points at which the Moons orbit crosses the ecliptic, the celestial equator.Although they are not physical in form yet are very important when we talk about planetary ...

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Mangalwar vrat – Tuesday Fast for those suffering from Mars

Lord Hanuman is honored for his strength, vitality and for his loyalty and devotion for Lord Rama. Hanuman is known by different names including Anjaneya, Bajarangabali, Anjani Putra and Maruti.  He is the son of Vayu and Anjani. Hanuman was a leading force in the war against Ravana; he played a central role in this war and helped bring Sita ...

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Somvar Vrat for fulfillment of wishes and Happy Marriage life

The first day of the week, Monday or Somvar, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shiva is the absolute reality.  He is known by many others names, including Rudra, Shambhu, Kapali and Maheshvara. Monday is the day when Shiva is worshipped, along with goddess Parvati. A fast is often observed by the devotees of Lord Shiva for the fulfillment of wishes. ...

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