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Reply To: Query for Second Marriage

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To be frank with you, astrology cannot answer a question like yours. What astrology can provide is to let you know the success factor in your marriage and if it is good or above average, you will have a smooth married life as otherwise you will have unsatisfactory marital bliss and this could lead to divorces, separations and consequent litigation etc.

What I can offer is to evaluate your horoscope and give you the full details which includes marriage, the 7th house. And to do this I have to work for about an hour or more with the use of my own software and the usage of computers which I cannot do free of charge.

Sometimes certain things can be found out by a cursory examination which will take only a few minutes and such inferences are passed on to the questioner free of charge. These sort of things are generally of a disastrous type involving health and poverty, unemployment, miseries in life etc.

This forum is not a totally free one. We generally insist payment for marriage related queries, success or promotions in career and such other enjoyable privileges. In other words we treat the patients who are poor and to do that we do charge for plastic surgery and other cosmetic reasons.

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