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Navneet Khanna

The delay in marriage is because of weak planets and doing the remedies and efforts will surely bring you good results. The strong chances are before March 2015, the second half of 2014 can see results on this front. One thing you need to understand that as planets are weak you should be ready for some adjustments in what you looking for in your partner. Listen you dont get everythng you want so it is the same here. What you need is a good person with whom you can make good compatibility. Trust me it is very easy if you are honest and faithful. Your life partner will be very talented as Venus is positioned in the house of Saturn. She will be creative and highly diciplined. She will be fond of her culture and tradions. I see good married life for you because I know that Saturn delays but when it blesses there is no limitations. You have also asked me about Sun and Mars in the 5th house. In a girls horoscope it can make a difference , however in your horoscope it should not make you worry.

God Bless,

Navneet Khanna

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