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Navneet Khanna

I will not take the process of addition that you have done for horoscope matching. When a dosha gets cancelled, like in your case 9 – 5 Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled. It basically means that the ills effects of the dosha are drastically reduced or cancelled because of the benefic effects of other planets.

For example in a 9 -5 bhakoot dosha it deals primarily with progeny or children and it also deals with love and romance. Things that couple share together as in their “Bhagya” or destiny.

When two people get together and make collective decisions, both their energies need to work together. If their energies are in harmony with each other they can produce double the amount of positive effects. If their energies are in disharmony then they negative whatever good is to happen. When energies are in harmony it brings achievements, success, prosperity. When they are in disharmony they cancel whatever good is to happen. When prosperity comes we say that the couple are lucky for each other and when disharmony comes we say that they are unlucky for each other. Basically we look at the harmony between the two through bahkoot dosha.

Regarding Graha milan – it is basically analysis of your planets with the planets of your partners. As you know Gun milan is from Birth Nakshatra. We are influenced not only by Moon but by other planets as well and Ghara milan is an analysis of that. It also covers analysis of 7th house, 7th lord and Karka which expedites marriage.


Navneet Khanna

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