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Navneet Khanna

I need to study both the Horoscopes in Detail for any further comments. You see that as stated by you the Guna milan is good, however there is Bhakoot dosha. There are few exceptions to Bhakoot dosha, which you say are also there, meaning Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled. I understand you have 9-5 bhakoot dosha which signifies Love and also progeny or hapiness from children. Therefore you should also get the Garah Milan done, which is matching of the planets. If planets also are favourable you marital life will be happy and blissful.

You should note that Ashtkoot Guan milan is matching on the basis of Birth Nakshatra only and is not complete Horoscope Matching. That is why many times couple with 30 Plus Guna milan end in divorce.

If interested in detailed Horoscope Matching You can always look at the Paid Services from the Top menu.


Navneet Khanna

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