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Navneet Khanna

When Debilitated Venus is in the Lagan or the first house, it is seen that 2nd lord and 9th lord is debilitated. The native will be very money minded as 2nd lord will be in the lagan. His 9th lord also ruled by Venus and which is also the bhagesh is debilitated in the lagan. Indicating that his bhagya will open only if he is respectful towards women in life. The person can suffer from diabetes and his marital life can be disturbed as he is inclined towards materialistic world. If Rahu aspect or conjoined then he can be too much into intoxication and womanizing. The person can be artistic but always looking for quick and faster gains.

For Exalted Venus, the native can be truly romantic, deep loving. Can suffer from diabetes and also sexual diseases. Kidney related problems can be there. As 8th house is ruled by ancestors the native can be born in a well to do family. Receive money through ancestral wealth. The native will be fond of good food, artistic by nature and fashionable.

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