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Navneet Khanna

You will not get complete information in any 1 book, you will have to read multiple books.

I do not know your level of knowledge on the subject of Astrology as yet. But some of the books I can recommend are

1. Astrology for Beginners by B V Raman

2. How to Judge a Horoscope by B V Raman Volume 1 and Volume 2

3. Astrology of the Seers by David Frawley

4. Learn Astrology the Easy Way by Gauri Shankar Kapoor

I suggest you start with Astrology of the Seers which is a very good book to understand about planets, houses and it covers basic astrology like Fiery Signs, Watery Signs, Airy Signs, Movable Signs , Fixed Sign etc in detail

Than you can also look at Learn Astrology by Gauri Shankar Kappr.

I Like the books by B V Raman, the only issue with them is they have South Indian charts and if you do not understand South Indian style of Horoscope, you will get completely lost.


Navneet Khanna

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