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Navneet Khanna

Marriage happiness in not there in your horoscope. It is said that Jupiter is the karka for husband and Jupiter if placed in the 7th house like in your horoscope reduces marital happiness. Also you are strong mangal dosha or mangalik. People with strong mangal dosha generally are very outspoken, get angry and irritated easily. Venus is combust and 7th lord is also under influence of Saturn. All this will effect your marital life. Therefore you need to improve your Venus which is the peime planet for love, romance and marriage. You also need to control your mangal, which leads to arguments and fights.

For Venus do the following remedies.

1. Use regularly perfumes, bindi, flowers, all things that women wear to strengthen your Venus.

2. Never wear unwashed clothes

3. Give poor unmarried Girls money for marriage regularly

For Mars

1. Do not wear Red clothes as it will make you more short tempered, aggressive

2. Read Hanuman Chalisa regularly

Doing these remedies will help you improve your relationship.


Navneet Khanna

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