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Reply To: Navneet sir, are predictions failing? :(

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Navneet Khanna

Presently you are in the mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of Saturn. On 28th October you will enter the Mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of Mercury. I feel as you move away from Saturnsub period to Mercury sub period, it will be better for you. Last thing I need to tell you that planets do influence with their energy, there is no denying, but eventually it is you who has to know how to accept it. I will give you a simple example. Sun which gives light to everyone on this planet, but for some may get heat stroke and someone can suffer from skin problem. Some may get sick while other may enjoy that every Sun and its heat. What i’m saying is everyone is different and although the Sun energy is the same, we react to it differently.

This reaction is depending upon various factors and planetary influences. Their are certain things you cannot change, however you can still stand up to problems and put your efforts. If Mercury is weak, you can focus on your speech and train yourself to speak better. What you should worry about is only your part and leave everything else to the Allmighty God.

I feel that your tension is unnecessary and you will do much better than before. I will pray for you and your success.


Navneet Khanna

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