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Hello Navneet Sir
Can you reply for this one too if you don’t mind?

Thanks a ton Sir.. I can’t thank you enough for the positive reply.
My husband’s Dob is

20 April 1986
1.10 PM
Place Chennai
How good are his chances of travelling abroad. Will we get to settle there?

There are some talks of sending him to USA.His visa got apporved but the current project manager is not releasing him. When will he travel?

Can I also travel with him? Would me accompanying him to US (change of place) cause any issue. Will it be favorable for both of us?

And is there is any specific procedure to do the Thursday fast? I normally do not eat onion. garlic and eat one time. In the mornings I eat Sabudana Kicdi, evenings Roti sabzi without onion garlic. ( no of weeks etc)


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