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My mother and i am scared of dogs , i cant keep a dog in my home.any other remedies which i can perform to be free from my stomach problem and my mercury is combust in 6 th house with conjuction with sun , as 6 th house is related to large intenstine and liver in kaalpursh , does my bad mercury is also creating problem because i though its due to my 5 th house as it has shani and rahu in co juction and as i am going to through ketu mahadasha it trigered the problem and will not end till march 2017 when it will get over , i am very depresed as i dont know what to do i cant do anything and i am planning to go abroad newzealand or canda to study that to professiinal diploma in cookery so i can get a job there but i dont think i can go as this problem will not let me do anything in my life.

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