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Reply To: Why planets get exalted or debiliated?

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Thank you for your detailed reply Sir,(still a confusion- venus is lord of taurus also, but there venus is not affecting sun powers, abilities etc..) so does this mean the people who are born in debilitated sun(in libra) will not get govt. Jobs and they will not be good administrator? and the people who are born in Aries will get govt jobs(Not all but many of them). and why sun is giving its best results with MARS(just because sun and mars are seperative planets) , why not with Jupiter(where Jupiter is GURU of all planets(gods), Jupiter is the wisest in all,
it can be a logic for sun but this logic does not apply to other planets. Sir for every planet logic changes. I started learning astrology but I am not getting convincing answers, If you can guide me it will be very helpful and appreciated .

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