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Navneet Khanna

Going by your horoscope details that you have provided, your rising sign is Virgo, Rashi is Pisces. There are couple of things which are good in your horoscope. Like you have Gaja Kesari Yoga in the 7th house, Moon and Jupiter conjunction is very good for you which is likely to give you strong determination and desire to achieve big name in life. Not necessary money but name, fame and recognition.

However there are couple of things which are very bad as well in your birth chart, Moon and Rahu conjoined for the Gharan dosha. Therefore despite the good aspects of Jupiter and Moon , Rahu interrupts with its malefic influence and makes things difficult for you. There is Kaalsarp dosha which bring delays and also the Saturn and Sun conjunction in the 4th house is not auspicious on the family front. I mean domestic peace. You will stay away from your parents or can have strong differences with them as well. Health issues to mother will be there.

Chances of your gaining on the education front is there in 2016. However it is suggested that you wear Emerald in Gold on your right hand little finger on Wednesday morning for benefits.


Navneet Khanna

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