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Navneet Khanna

In the horoscope of your husband Rahu is positioned in the 5th house of children and Jupiter is positioned in the 12th house and combust as it is close to the Sun. In your horoscope Sun and saturn are positioned in the 5th house and aspected by functional malific Rahu from the bhagyastan. Chances of progeny are very much there is your horoscope. there can be a delay but not a denial. There is no harm in seeking a doctors advice. Chances of strong in the second half of 2014. I trust with little bit of medical help and astrological remedies you will have a child soon.

1. Recite mantra OM Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanayishraya Namaha 108 times daily.

2. Donate some kali Dal, oil every Saturdays.

3. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily.

God Bless,

Navneet Khanna

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