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Reply To: When will I have a baby?

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Navneet Khanna

Liek I said earlier the Horoscope Matching has 5-9 Bhakkot dosha which indicates problems related to progeny. There is also Nadi dosha which is also related to progeny. The chances of natural conceiving are weak as per horoscopes.

Sometimes planets when they look at their house do bless, in the horoscope of the female, I see that as per transit Jupiter is in lagan and it aspects the 5th house which is the house of children. Jupiter is the karka for children and it owns the 5th house. Jupiter in lagan at present aspects the 5th house, therefore you should try conceiving during this period till August 2016. Try very regularly like I said your horoscope is weak but as Jupiter the 5th lord and karka aspects 5th house in transit, it can bless you with a child. So the chance are more now than ever before. If you are taking some medicines do continue and also have some Gold Bhasam, I think you can find out in the Ayurvedic medicines they do have medicines which contain Gold. You can find out with Baba Ramdev shops as well.

Gold is known to enhance the count of sperm in male and egg in female. It is very good for issues related to conceiving.

I do hope that you do have a wonderful and lovely child naturally. If not then after August 2016 just adopt a child do not wait any more after August 2016.

I hope it is helpful.


Navneet Khanna

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