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Reply To: My marriage year and description of spouse


Navneet Khanna

You have lagan lord Mercury with 3rd lord Mars in the 2nd house. This yog does bring interest in singing. This connection of 2nd and 3rd house is important for those who want to sign. Actually this connection is even in the horoscope of lata Mangeshkar horoscope, I think I did study it once.

So what is taking you behind is debilitated and 12th lord Sun. 2nd house is the house of recognition, fame, wealth we make. Sun is the planet that gives recognition, popularity, as it represents our Soul it determines our deep interest in life. Things which are truly connected with us on the sub concious level. For you it may be signing. you don’t have to do it , it just comes naturally.

Therefore malefic and debilitated Sun takes all the good that 2nd and 3rd lords make. I think you should practise more, go in for ways you can get some limelight. If you have a natural talent, killing it or subsiding is the BIGGEST SIN you will do to yourself.

Do remedies of Sun and also wear Emerald for benefits.


Navneet Khanna

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