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Reply To: Ascendent characterstics



No. I aint scorpio , i was just asking. my cousin bro is revengeful in nature what else can you say about them? I read the link but could not find things matching him apart from revenge taking things!
Is there any other ascendent possessing same quality…He is quite bulky from child hood or middle age! very hard working too.. loves his mother a way toooooo much you can imagine. We call siblings call him ”Big spoon” of his mom. Can’t listen a word against his mother. Started working in Feb 2014 , faced too much problems in Job.
Worked too hard in studies but never got the result he should. one younger bro too. not cool relationship with Dad. Left birth place for 4yrs in 2009.
his details are
21 septem 1989.
11.55am (if scorpio what more can you say from this time, what I have written is it matching?)

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