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Reply To: Graha Maitri-Dosha


Navneet Khanna

Grahmaitri is friendship between the Rashi lord. In the horoscope of Madhav the Rashi is Leo and the Horoscope of Geeta the Rashi is Capricorn. The Lords of Leo and Capricorn are Sun and Saturn, which means two planets which are inimical by nature.

There is also 6-8 bhakoot dosha. More important than Grahmaitri is the Mangal dosha which is found in the horoscope of the Geeta. As Madhav is not mangalik, Geeta has Mars in the 8th house from Moon, making her strong mangalik. As I can make out the horoscope of the Girl seems to be weak on the marital front. I need to study both charts in detail before I can recommend marriage. This includes doing the Guna and Grah Milan. You cna read more about Guna and Grah Milan. This is more elaborate and detailed Horoscope Matching.

You can read more about Gun and Grah milan click Horoscope Matching below

Horoscope Matching


Navneet Khanna

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