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Navneet Khanna

In your horoscope Saturn rules the 10th house of career, therefore career gains are slow but sure. Being a Taurus Lagan Saturn is the Yogakarka planet for you. However as Saturn is cojoined with Rahu in Transit the period till July 2014 is not good for career. Expectaions will be enormous but results will be very little. Financial constrains will be there. Some improvement after July will be there in your work You are also in the period of Sadesatti which will be difficult but not terrible as Saturn despite being a dhan giving planet or a yogakarka planet is exalted in the Navamsha. Do the Saturn remedies and truly you will see gains coming your way.

1. Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanisharaya Namaha 108 times daily.
2. Feed fodder to the cow for 16 Wednesdays.

God Bless,

Navneet Khanna

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