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Reply To: Happines and fulfilment in life

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Navneet Khanna

Hi Krishna,

happy to see you here. Listen I need to tell you some thing. That happiness is a state of mind. Many times we believe that if we possess materialistic things like Car, expensive watches, clothes, bike, large bank balance, it will give us happiness. On the contrary it has nothing to do with happiness. We look at others around us and wish we could have the same things. We complain, we crib and feel sad. Most of the times it is this jealousy that makes us unhappy. We look at others and feel sad at out condition. Even if we have enough and are better than many others. It is the reason that people around us are better so we are sad.

I think you need to learn to appreciate what you have and you will look at your self more positively, eventually it will help you find happiness from within and also satisfaction and fulfilment in life.


Navneet Khanna

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