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Reply To: Regarding Laxmi yoga in daughters horoscope

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K.Umamaheswara Rao
k.umamaheswara rao

Hello,Your child age is only one year.It is not necessary to rely too much on
text book yogas.It is true there is exchange of planets,between Guru and Ravi,between first and ninth house.Sani is lord of 2nd house(Dhana house).
It is in 12th houe.So Laxmi yoga is spoiled.Sani is looking Guru.It spoils
Laxmi yoga.For Dhanur lagna,Budha is malefic..Budha is with Sun.Laxmi yoga
is again spoiled.Of course,Budha Aditya yoga is there.
Lakshmi yoga is a very high class yoga..It is Punya yoga.Such yogas are not
possible in ordinary individuals..

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