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Reply To: Regarding Laxmi yoga in daughters horoscope

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K.Umamaheswara Rao
k.umamaheswara rao

I am glad that you also know astrology.I was thinking that I am wasting time,by trying to explain subtleties in astrology,to a person who does not know
astrology.My task becomes easier,as you know astrology.I dont mind spending
a few more minutes with you.
How can you say that this horoscope receiving blessings of Lakshmi.
For the special yogas- like Lakshmi yoga,Saraswathi yoga,Vishnu yoga
and Siva yoga.strict compliance of rules is necessary..Little blemish
on any of the benefic planets,will spoil entire yoga.
For Dhanur lagna,Sani is not a benefic..Sani should own a kona,to become a
benefic.He is a benefic for Midhuna and Kanya lagnas.He is a lesser benefic
for Makara and kumbha lagnas,as he owns first house,which has got lesser
kona lordship.SAni is a yogakaraka for Tula and vrishabha lagnas,as he owns
kona and kendra.Some authors say Sani becomes neutral,if Sani owns a kendra.
It is not correct.It requires lot of explanation.
Sani is not a benefic.Further lagna is spoiled as 12th house Sani spoils lagna.
It is semi argala yoga.Sani spoils Guru also.I have seen very rich people
with dhana yogas.
Second lord in 11th or the reverse produces dhana yogas.Lakshmi yoga is
impossible.Mars sees 4th ,7th and 8th houses.How can you say that Mars is
seeing Sani.Kuja has got Digbala.I agree.You ignored the combination of rahu
with Kuja,for your convenience.Kuja is a good benefic for that lagna.
But fifth lord joining rahu is highly condemned,in astrological circles.
Final outcome of this writeup is Sani spoiled Guru.Good wishes.

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