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Reply To: Regarding Laxmi yoga in daughters horoscope

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Again you are ignoring the facts what u have mentioned in the first and second reply. In your first reply, u mentioned lakshmi yoga is spoiled due to guru’s horoscope where you are indirectly agree that horoscope has lakshmi yoga. In second reply, u argue that there is no lakshmi yoga. No correlation at all !

For getting a lakshmi blessings you don’t need to have lakshmi yoga (not exclusive). In parashara horashastra it was clearly mentioned that mahaparivartna yoga also recieves lakshmi blessings but as not equivalent to lakshmi yoga. Both yogas are unique and give their own auspicious results.

You have also not obeserved that in this horoscope shani is vargottam lying in same scorpio sign in D1 and D9 charts. I guess you are well aware of the concept of vargottama and what planets can do being vargottam. I don’t need to explain. you have to analyse the d1 and d9 atleast to draw some conclusions.

Rahu+Mars is good combination in 10th house. And rahu lies in friendly sign (mercury). Depositor of 10th house is also well placed involving in budh adithya yoga. Career wise person holding this combination can do better in any technical or scientific field.

venus is also well placed in 11th house in own sign. There is gajakesari yoga in horoscope. guru is placed 7th from moon and they aspect each other. However, In this case benefic results in terms percentage is 75 coz Moon is the lord of eighth house.

final conclusion is vargottam sani aspect on guru will give double damaka mahaparivartana yoga.

You just mentioned general functional malefics for all ascendants. Being an astrologer u may miss minute details while analysing. For dhanu lagna, sani is good if he has some special features like vargottam. In the chart you have analysed has vargottam sani.

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