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Reply To: Regarding Laxmi yoga in daughters horoscope

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K.Umamaheswara Rao
k.umamaheswara rao

Hello Mr.RK,
Your lagna is Kumbha.Your lagna contains Ravi and Budha..Budha is a Subha planet
(benefic) for this lagna,as he is owner of 5th house(kona)..Sun is lord of 7th house.Sun is partially benefic (partly good planet) for this lagna.

2nd house contains Sukra in exaltation.Sukra is yogakaraka(top good plant) for
this lagna.It is excellent in second house.Sani is seeing 2nd house.Sukra loses
much of his lustre,by the looks of Sani.

3rd house contains kuja and chandra.Good.

Sixth house contains Guru and kethu.Second house owner in 6th house shows
negative effect on the inflow of money.
Twelfth house contains Sani and rahu.Sani is in his own 12th house.Lagna lord
is spoled with rahu.
On the whole(to sum up),lagna lord is spoiled.Ninth lord is excellently placed,
but spoiled by Sani to a large extent.
Lakshmi yoga is very great special yoga..High criteria is required to declare
Lakshmi yoga.You dont have Lakshmi yoga.But dont worry,you have got dhana yoga.
Though Sukra is spoiled to a large extent,he can still shower you with money.
Dont worry about great great Lakshmi yoga.You can enjoy considerable inflow of
money.There is also raja yoga in lagna.Finally,your finances are good,far above
ordinary..Lakshmi yoga means more than 10crores.I am telling the figure roughly.
Nowhere,in astrological texts,the figure is given.You dont have Lakshmi yoga.
You have Dhana yoga.

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