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Hello learned one,

I have been suffering from diseases for the past 12 years or so. It started with migraine headaches when I was 14. After that I had typhoid and malaria at the same time, I was in hospital and none of the doctors could figure out what the problem was. This happened around 18 years and I was bed ridden for about a year the actual problem was chronic acidity but none of the doctors got it. Then I had a fatal car accident when I was 21. My femur broke my throat was bleeding and I lost a lot of blood. The doctors later told me that I was lucky to survive this and if I was a minute late I wouldn’t have been here. I was on a lot of medication and still am. Because of all these antibiotics and pain killers my body has gotten very weak, I am low on immunity and I am suffering for stomach related problems. I am taking ayurvedic medicines for the past six months. A couple of years ago I developed symptoms which were vertigo nausea blurry vision falling down while walking and headache. The doctors asked me for all the possible tests. But all of the tests returned normal. Some said it was related to heart some said brain and some said hormones but, all the tests claimed that I was normal. Once again none of the doctors are able to understand what my problem is. I don’t understand why this is happening to me. I dont drink I dont smoke I’ve never done any bad stuff. I’ve always taken good care of my body. I respect my elders, I do good deeds, I do charity, I never speak even a single bad word. I want to do good for my family and my society and my body doesn’t allow me to do anything. I am not able to work at all. People say its because of my rahu dasha and it would get over soon but frankly I am losing hope. My parents want me to get me married as astrologers tell them that marriage would activate my lagna lord venus and I would get better after that. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am tired.

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