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Reply To: Rishi Rahul/Uma Rao ji – Please help

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K.Umamaheswara Rao
k.umamaheswara rao

Hello Rohan,
Your lagna is simha.
First house(lagna) contains kethu.
Fifth house contains retrograde Sani.Sani is very bad planet for your lagna.
It is seeing seventh house.Seventh house is spoiled.It sees eleventh house.
Ravi and Sukra are spoiled.
Sixth house contains Chandra.Not bad.
Seventh house(kumbha) contains Rahu.Very bad.
Tenth house contains Budha and Guru.Very good.
Guru is very good planet for your lagna.Guru in 10 th house
is very good.
Guru is seeing second house.It is very good.
Guru is seeing chandra.Very good.
There is parivartana yoga(exchange of planets).
Eleventh house contains Ravi and Sukra.
Twelfth house contains neecha Kuja.Kuja is excellent planet for your lagna.
It is seeing seventh house.To some extent ,badness on seventh house is
From August 2012 to August 2018,you are running Guru dasa.
Presently ,you are running Guru-Sani antardasa.
Guru is very good for you.But Sani is bad.
You will get job in one year.
As for marriage,there is much negativity on seventh house,
which indicates marriage.
You may have to do remedy like penance for reducing cruelty
of Sani on seventh house.

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