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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara Rao

Hello Sir I have been practising astrology since last three years. I have observed that your timing of events and other predictions are so accurate. You are truly a remarkable astrologist. Sir recently I saw the chart of a boy in his engineering and after analysing it for some days and different angles found it to be a potent one. The guy is highly ambitious and has sky high hopes and wishes(till now he is living a middle class life and often frustrated). I want you to look at his chart and give an expert’s advice on the fact that is the horoscope a powerful one so that he can realize his dreams in this life.
DOB:: 18/07/1993
Time:: 12:25 pm
Place:: Chennai


Saturn is a very potent rajayoga planet for him being the 4th & 5th lord, & its in mulatrikona rasi is sign of steady, but late success.
This Saturn being retrograde tends to delay results after frustrating.

The native may have started his present endeavour from around mid 2014 with a year; and met with some temporary dissapointment around Feb 2016.

He is a quick thinker, and a takes interest in rationalising a lot


Sir first of all I am privileged that you looked into the chart. It feels great to have the opinion of an eminent astrologer like you. As you said he will get steady but late success, from which age can he expect advancement in life and career?
Once again thanks for your time,I rely on your analysis only.

Thank you for lavishing such praises, but you did not care to give any feedbacks on what I mentioned?


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