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Navneet Khanna

Looking at your horoscope we see that your lagan is Aries and you have Mercury in the first house, which makes you highly active, energetic, fast in taking decisions. Mercury is also the 6th house lord, therefore you are very analytical and logical person. You have confidence and willing to accept challenges. 6th house is the house of competition and 6th lord in lagan indicates your willingness to take competitive exams.

Sun which is the planet that bestows seniority, status and position in life is in the 2nd house of fame and wealth. Saturn in 10th house in its own house caprciorn forms the Sasa Yoga. Therefore your chart does indicate success on this front. However the mahadasha of Saturn and antardasha of Rahu is going on. Rahu is debilitated in the bhagyastan, therefore the period till September 2017 is challenging. You will not get things without hardwork and lot of efforts.

Doing the remedies given below will surely help.

1. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily

2. Recite Rahu Mantra “Om Brim Rahave Namaha” 108 times daily


Navneet Khanna
Vedic Astrologer

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