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Dear Navneet,
Firstly thank you for your analysis. Unfortunately they let me go at the job. I was in my probationary period and the chief decided to let me go without even giving me any warning. I put in a lot of extra hours at the job, and really was sincere about it. But in the end, they didn’t want me anymore. I was even in the process of moving there, but now everything is messed up.
Now I’ve to look for a new one all over again. It’s not quite easy either, to get a new one.. probably would have to settle for something that I’m not entirely interested in. But anyways, have to do what needs to be done.
And I wish I had my love by my side.. Times like these are when we need that somebody. Hopefully the universe wouldn’t be too tough on me with that aspect, and would at least sort out that issue. I’m trying to sort it out with her since a month or so now, but she seems to be really angry at me, no matter what I say. Hopefully she’ll relax a bit and would come back.
Thanks again,

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