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K.Umamaheswara Rao
k.umamaheswara rao

Your lagna is Kataka.
Your horoscope is strong,as Moon and kuja are in 10th house.
But you are running Rahu period from 2006 to 2024.
Sani is looking rahu.
You are running a bad period.
Though your horoscope is strong,your financial
aspects are very problematic.
This is not new information for you.
You should have been experiencing adverse
time since 2006.
Sani in 12th house, is looking 2nd house(which
shows your finances).
YOu have to do penance for 2 years.
The following is the method of doing tapas.
1.Daily have 4 baths with cold water.
In winter(when the climate is very cool,you can take
daily 4baths with warm water).
2.Avoid milk products,sweets,nonveg,fish,eggs,alcohols.
You can eat ordinary meals and tiffins.
3.Daily make 10 rolling namaskars on floor.
4.Stand like a cow on four feet for 2 mins and
chant Om Namah sivaya. for two mins.
Take rest for 3mins.
Then again do this for two mins.
If you like some other mantra,you can do the same.
Do like this 4 times,giving rest for 3mins
after every two mins.
You cant stand like a cow for more than two mins.
5.Observe fasting on every Saturday.
You can eat unlimited quantity of uncooked
vegetables ,on the day of fasting.

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