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Reply To: I Am having Many Mental Discomforts

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Who told you that Rahu dasa is bad? In fact in your horoscope Rahu is a benefic. (Rahu 50.42 49.38 Benefic) though the benefic/malefic ratio is almost 1:1. That is not your problem really. Dasas will come and go.

Your Moon is a malefic and that could be why it is upsetting your mind. Perhaps you could recite Narayanakavacham daily 3 times in the morning and 3 times before going to sleep. You can download it from the internet Utube.

Either you can run it on your computer and listen to it using an earphone or record it in your mobile and listen to it, again by using an earphone. The vibrations it would produce in your body will boost your mental faculties and in about listening to it 108 times, you will be back to normal and have a total boost in your mental disposition. While listening to it mentally you try to chant it too.

Best of Luck

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