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Dear sir
Thanks for your reply but I want not a general answer but want an astrological answer.according to Mr rao astrology cannot tell about foreign settlement.
With no regrets and respect to you mentors please use you astrology skills instead of generlized answers.
Now plz read the following.
4th house your motherland
9the house long distance travel
12 house foreign land
8 the house unknown places.
Since each house signifies something analyzing above houses we can tell regarding foreign settlement.
Going further.
Capricorn asc
Saturn in Libra
Juipter in Sagittarius in 12th.
Saturn aspecting Jupiter.
Moon in 1st house aspecting sun in 7the.
Lord of 9th mercury exalted in namansha
And lord of 12the Jupiter also exalted in navmansha.
As u astrologers say that 12the house mahadasha denotes sucees away from homeland.
Please throw some light…..
As per our attention I am working for last twelve years in Kolkata now I am trying for something good since I am struggling.

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