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Reply To: when i will get married ?

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Navneet Khanna

Ritika, it is a very competitive world that we are living. Where only new ideas and innovative ideas will work. Having knowledge about any subject is one thing, but to make it a profession you need to let go the traditional ways and adopt new ways to attract your customers.

I suggest that you align with some renowned architects in your area, who have regular clients and get work from them. Needless to say the architects would take something in return, because it is business and we are living in a materialistic world. If you can do a regular job , you can look at that also.

You were in Rahu period which is why your efforts were not bringing you desired results. The Jupiter mahadasha that begins from September 2016 should bring you success. Therefore do not give up hope and begin again from where you left.


Navneet Khanna