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Reply To: Job & Finances


Rajat Mittal

Dear Sir,

First of all, Thanks for taking the time to cast my horoscope and sharing your observations .

With due respect, i would like to tell that I do not concur with your observations/views . Yes, I am someone who loves wealth and luxury in abundance but not too greedy to find wrong ways to acquire wealth or unable to keep my desires in control . In fact, happiness and good quality of life is much more important for me than acquiring wealth . While at one end I’m a self made millionaire (at age 34) but on the other hand am too depressed in my present job due to long delays in promotion . It has been tormenting 2-3 yrs since my promotion has been due . Hence I sought some advice here .

Regards to finances, last 2 yrs, I’ve had expenditures mounting in excess of 1 Crore mostly on family responsibilities (sisters marriage, mothers treatment, etc.) . While my take home income is same (as in job), the expenses has been much higher . Being the only bread winner in the family I feel exhausted . Therefore I asked if there is an elevation in my career in the foresight that could bring some positivity on professional front .


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