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Reply To: When I will get a Job?

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Dear Sir, I read your profile. Sorry I am disturbing You again, but I feel You can answer me If I am eligible for Software development Job or not? I studied Software engineering with lot of hope. I was a very good student in college. Although, I was good(not very good ) in School. Everything was going fine. Even I worked in a small Software company for 11 months. Then, In the middle of 2013, suddenly things changed. I lost job due to Arthritis/Bone Probz. I am medium in Maths and Programming . How to be better at that? Now, I am trying to work as a Freelancer for last 2 months to gain some experience with a hope that I would apply in good software companies after 6 months or 9 months. Teaching never attracted me. Thatsy , I am asking You this. Engineering attracted me but, I am not doing well as You said suddenly I lost aptitude in real Software development. But, I am trying to get my aptitude back. I want to work in programming and presently started working as a Freelancer Android Application Developer . However, not at all earning good.

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