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Navneet Khanna

Chiranjeevi, what you facing is part of the social churning that is taking place in our society. The old concept of marriage as was known to be between two families is almost over if not completely over, at-least in cities. It may be prevailing in villages but in cities the concept of marriage for Girls is Me, My Husband and Children. There is no space for in-laws no matter how good they might be.
There are things which are getting influences by West and TV and becoming a part of everyones life, maybe someone has more and some have less.

Having said that you need to play a very balanced role, as on side you have your parents and on the other side your wife and child. You tilt towards one side the other will get hysteric.

The best of you is play a role of a mediator. Take your in laws into confidence, as you say they have a major control over their daughter.
Honestly it is like India and Pakistan , and you need to play a role of America so that both stay happy and dont get to war with each other. Sorry just to put things on the lighter side.

There is 5-9 bhakoot dosha in your horoscope which strongly indicates ego problems between you both. There will be strong likes and dislikes and strong opinions between the both of you.


Navneet Khanna

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