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Navneet Khanna

Neeraj on the internet you will get lot of information of which authenticity is not there. Telling you once again that Rahu aspects Jupiter is not a Guru Chandal dosha. You are naming Jupiter which is the Guru the most benevolent planet and associating it with a Chandal.

There are certain dosha which are formed when Rahu is conjoined with certain planets . For example Moon and Rahu form the Chander Gharan Dosha, Sun and Rahu form the Surya Gharan dosha, and if you see when there is a dosha in transit we actually have an eclipse.

Rahu aspect on the Moon does not form the Chander gharan dosha and similarly Rahu aspect on Sun does not form any eclipse. They have to be conjoiend for these dosha to be there, as Rahu grips them with its powers and they lose their energy. So just dont go for what is written on the internet, on the internet most writers will contradict what they write.

In one para they will call it a dosha which means bad and in another para they will contradict and say that it can be actually very good. So they dont know themselves if it is bad or good.

Rahu aspect on Jupiter can be actually good and i’m not coming into that now, because Rahu is not always bad, it can give you the most amazing reults, where as Rahu conjoined with Jupiter is always bad. Therefore when two things are different in nature then how they can be the same.

Our dear TMR sir has posted a link to one of the astrologers who like I said contradicted himself, which I removed as I did not want to confuse people who read this post. Sorry sir, but your intention to assist and help is truly appreciated.


Navneet Khanna

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