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Dear Aman
Prima facia its a very gud chart and such results seems anomaly. Lets probe little further.

The planets, in their dasha, first give the results of planets making PAC (Posited ASpecting and Conjunct with them) & then for their own. In ur chart, exalted Sat is conjunct with Sun (within 4 deg) and 8L/11L Mer (within 6 deg).
Sun is also in exchange with 7L/12L Ven (who’s conjunct with LL/6L Mars in almost same degrees).
Now surprisingly in the Sat-Ven dasha you’re getting the results of Sun-Mars
Debi Sun gives problem with government. It may be fines (11L Mer) and other unexpected problems (Mer 8L).
Ven is conjunct 6L Mars, so loan issues.

Plz note Sun is having neechbhang coz of exchange with Ven and also by conjunction of Sat. Things shd improve in PD of Jup (from Aug 2016) and they will dramatically improve in the AD of Sun (from Mar 2018).

God bless you

I got this from a well known astro from india Is it wrong

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