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Thank you K.Umamaheswara rao ji, Ramachandran T M Nambissan ji, Navneet Khanna ji for taking out time from your precious schedule.

Navneet ji actually my birth certificate says 18:50 but some one did my birth time rectification in some online forum and suggested me the new time. And he said going by 18:51 many things match including the health issues . This is the bad luck with which god has sent me to earth that I cant even knock on the door of astrology to solve my problems. Everytime I ask any astrologer for a solution he just points out my lagna gandata and asks to check birth time. But reality is how can I know whats my correct time of birth. Birth time rectification is what people suggest but now which horoscope matches my situation I don’t know. Which horoscope matches the situations I have described above as per you ? And what are the solutions you suggest.

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