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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

Your lagna is Tula.
Chandra in lagna is good.
For your lagna Sani is very good planet.
You are now running sani period upto 2029.
Sani is very good in 4th house.
But in your horoscope,Sani is seen by
Ravi.For you lagna Ravi is Badhaka.
So,Ravi seeing Sani is not good.
Ravi has spoiled Sani to some extent.
Badhaka generally puts obstacles in
achieving good yoga.
So,you are not getting job due to Ravi.

There is negativity in horoscope due to
Ravi looking Sani.
You have to do penance for one year,to reduce
Instead of waiting for job,you try to do some
positive work to increase the spiritual positivity.
You have to do fasting on every every Sunday for
one year.On the day of fasting,you can eat unlimited
quantity of uncooked vegetables.
Sunday stands for Ravi.
You are finding fault with astrologers for giving
wrong prediction.
When your horoscope has negativity,their predictions
It is very difficult when you will get job.
There will be many minor points which will stop
you getting job.
Doing penance is only the correct method to reduce
negative background of horoscope,from previous life.

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