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Navneet Khanna

For Virgo ascendants Saturn transit in Sagittarius will be in the 4th house. The person will focus more on hard work and enjoy less of comforts and luxury life. This will make the individual more spiritually inclined as the person wants to dig deep and know more and understand the purpose of life. If a person is looking for a spiritual guru this period will bring his/ her close to finding someone. Distant journeys and possibility of going on a pilgrimage will be there.

Education wise this will be challenging but exciting period. Although you will get to quaint yourself will lot of new things. There will be no easy solution besides hard work to get your results.

Saturn is a functional malefic for Virgo and in the 4th house, could increase debt on the family front. As a person goes all out and places him /herself to the cause of family, may spend beyond limit. Health of family members could cause concern.


Navneet Khanna

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