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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

A planet in a house will have various aspects in life.
Sani in 7th house and in own house ,confers maha purusha
yoga.This does not mean he will be conferred with all good
things in life.
It gives command over large section of public.He will be a mass
leader.It will depend on the strength of other planets also.
It does not mean that you will become chief minister like
Sri Kamaraj Nadar.
For Kataka lagna,any connection between seventh house and
Sani,is detrimental to marriage prospects.
Ordinary remedies will not work for you.
1.The negativity can be removed by doing penance
for one year or more.
See in google-Penance method to clean horoscope.
2.You mix gingelly seeds and jaggery and distribute
the same among black children of lower economic strata
of people.
3.Feed animals.It does not mean that you should
feed your pet animal.You have to feed different
4.Apply Yellow rays of sun through a celliphone
yellow paper daily for 5minutes.
See in google -Colour ray therapy.
This is an alternative to wearing precious stones.
It is cheap and more effective,as Sun is only
God whom we can see.
5.Daily 4 cold water baths on head .The negative
magnetism of your horoscope can be removed by
cold water as it contains electromagnetism.
Electromagnetism is nothing but divinity.
Lord Siva himself was sitting under a waterfall
to improve his spiritual powers.Ganga was not his
second wife.Because he was doing penance under
water fall ,water is called his second wife.

6.You are asking questions on Guru.Rahu in second
house is very very bad.Guru chandala yoga is very

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