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You have a destiny which is above ordinary standards & strong finances, but only when its the right time & right direction.

Overhopefulness since Oct 2015 got you into emotional dissapointment in Feb/March 2016 as you might have felt obstructed.
Also you are at the heart of Sani mahadasa sani antar, which is difficult; leading to swaying mind since June 2016.



Now I understand where I am spot on.
You can be helped well!

For detailed and Paid analysis please visit the link below.
Unfailing & precise accuracy is attained when astrology, palmistry & numerology is used collectively; which is only for paid consultation.

I do not/am not able to drill down to the bare specifics in the forum, as I use palmistry, numerology and astrology collectively involving few hours to come to the perfect answer.


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