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Reply To: Clarification Nakshatra vs English birthday

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Navneet Khanna

What you are talking about is following the Hindu pattern of tithi vs Western calendar.

You are correct that all of us generally do not follow the Hindu pattern of tithi because it keeps changing. This is because in Hindu festivals etc we follow the Lunar cycle and not the solar cycle. Lunar calendar month is approximately 27 days, where as Sun is about 30 days. As Lunar calendar is short and because of this you will not have a fixed date of your birthday as it would keep changing if we follow the tithi/nakshatra pattern. For example if your birthday is in the month of September it may be 22 September , then next year it may be 28 September. This is because of the Lunar and Solar calendars.

We have to follow the solar calendars because it is used universally, all over the world. Today your computer system, your banking, transportation is all connected. You need to match with what is being followed globally. Also for say school admission or your bank accounts. You need to have a fixed day, which is why we have to follow a universal system of Western Calendar.

Having said that all our festivals like Divali, Holi, Navrataras, Durga Puja etc follow the Hindu calendar, that is why they are never fixed. The festival of Divali dates keep changing because it depends on Nakshatra and Tithi. As we follow the Lunar calendar, we see having two holi or even two divali, because Lunar days extends to two Solar days.

I hope you understand. Now coming to the core question of which you should celebrate. If you know your lunar date and also solar date, then you should celebrate both. There is nothing like getting importance and if you get to do it two times in a year it is even better 🙂


Navneet Khanna

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