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Sir finance sahi hai na? I’m getting scared as sirf finance degree won’t help me..I’m going for some other high level courses in finance with my MBA degree. One of the course which I’m looking forward to is a tougher version of CA which I’m planning to join very soon.
The reason behind this confusion is as that I’m aware, not going through the good phase. Rahu is transiting 12th house, house of loss and Rahu mercury dasha itself is not good so I need to be very careful.Thus I’m looking forward to your guidance. Will I be able to complete this course with my MBA?

Like we discussed about distractions , my roommate is also planning for the same and she is a way too competitive! When I told her I’ve finalised my specialisation her reactions were shocking.
Can she can turn out to be someone who can hamper my mind peace in the coming period?

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