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In your horoscope Mercury is a malefic and that is what is causing the delay.
Planet Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 17.42 74.80 Malefic
Moon 87.98 5.07 Benefic
Mars 63.53 33.98 Benefic
Mercury 12.58 28.27 Malefic
Jupiter 23.28 68.83 Malefic
Venus 24.93 73.15 Malefic
Saturn 33.92 6.17 Benefic
Rahu 24.93 73.15 Malefic
Kethu 63.53 33.98 Benefic

Your 5th house which indicates happiness arising from Children has a strength of 47.22% which is all right but not very potent.

Wearing green dress, reciting Narayanakavacham etc. could be tried as remedies. Do read my articles on Remedies at

For the time being I am not venturing predicting any specific date as these are things controlled by God and we can only evaluate a horoscope but cannot pilot the destiny. I will study the transit influences of planets and will give you a reply later.

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