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Hello Geetanjali

after studying ur chart i have the following conclusions

Venus the lagna lord beung in own star and having directional strength is good..and its has some abilty to give ur strength( Due to vargottama status )and that’s great plus point…..In essence I can say that as lagna lord the main planet is strong your life is going to good in general exept for temporary difficult periods.
Mars the enemy to lagna is placed in lagna and aspecting lagna lord that’s bad point from one angle as it will make you an aggressive person…….in ppl mind But it gives you strength in general to go on in life!!
Mars is in star of 3rd lord moon and moon is inturn in mars mars can be controlled.
Moon in mars star..are u an angry person ?
Jupiter and venus in 4th house Kendra will make to sort of weak person who does not have enough strength to fight the adverse circumstances in life.
Most planets are well placed…in ur chart..exept sun who is friends raasi but bad house….
So things improve over time..
Current dasa of Jupiter ( enemy to for lagna lord ) is till 2028..But good point is that its in venus star.
Mercury period starts from may 2017 ..and this should bring some improvement in life in general
Further improvement in life from aug 2020 on wards


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