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Hello Me( pls write your name )

You lagna is meena and lagan lord Jupiter in sun star, and occupying 7th house along with Sun.
Jupiter being in sun star is good for you it can give you confidant personality.
Due to moon is 12 th are somtines not able to take on the spot decisions specially regarding career..and rahu in 10th house gives confusion in career.
But luckily you have Jupiter Saturn connection in natal chart…so your career will definetly improve.
4th mars with ketu…do you some times get uncontrollable anger?
Jupiter is currently transiting 7th house along with sun and mercury that must help you some better prospects Job wise. Nov , Dec 2016. And more improvements after Sept 2017
Saturn and mercury dasa should be better..staring from may 2017
Work related planet is Saturn which is retrograde implying that only very hardwork will fetch results…
Saturn in own raasi is plus point.but transit Saturn is very it better to do pray to lord Hanumanji by reciting hanuman chalisa , work hard, control emotion during Saturn period till may 2017….
You are in Saturn – Saturn and rahu dasa will jan 4th 2017 and there after starts Jupiter dasa till may you can expect some marginal improvement after jan 2017.( during Saturn – Saturn –Jupiter)


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